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The custom program allows you to choose a variety of options designed specifically for your needs. Whether it’s the control of hemlock wholly adelgid, the development of a Lyme disease tick control program, or the fertilization and fungus control of your fruit and ornamental trees,

North Eastern Tree Care has a program for you.

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Spring & Fall Dormant Oils - are the most important applications of the season! Dormant oil greatly reduces the number of eggs and larvae that hatch, controlling aphids, mites, scale, red spiders, wholly adelgids, and many other types of eggs and larvae.

Insect & Pest Control - These applications control a wide spectrum of defoliating and chewing insects, which expose your property to disease, stress, and other damaging maladies---including wOolly adelgids, aphids, mites, inch worms, gypsy moth caterpillars, and Japanese beetles.

Lyme Disease Tick Prevention - Damminix is the only proven treatment to successfully control Lyme disease ticks on your property, whether your neighbors use it or not! Combined with environmentally conscious tick and flea spray treatments, you can set your mind at ease while your family enjoys the pleasures of a lush, green property...

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Deep Root Feedings - Our time-released, systematically injected deep-root feeding system with high nitrogen-based fertilizers is designed to fight off diseases and infestation. They are far better and more cost effective than surface fertilizers and guaranteed to produce fuller blooms and richer colors!

Disease Control Essential - for fruit trees and sensitive ornamentals, fungicides and disease control prevent and eradicate powdery mildew, leaf spot, anthracnose, scab, canker, needle rust, and many varieties of leaf blight, which thrive throughout the changing seasons.

Gypsy Moth Prevention and Treatment - A single adult gypsy moth can lay over 1200 eggs in the branches or trunks of a tree. That can result in hundreds of gypsy moth caterpillar larvae emerging the following April and May – more than enough to strip the leaves and foliage off a large tree in just weeks. Pines and hemlocks can be killed in a single season, while surviving trees are severely weakened and susceptible to a host of unrelated tree diseases.

North Eastern Tree Care believes in preventing gypsy moth infestations before they happen. With our Integrated Pest Management programs and treatments, we feature a proactive approach to gypsy moth control as part of our regular tree care and tick control programs.

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Integrated Pest Management - IPM ensures pest control by focusing on prevention. North Eastern Tree Care offers an effective program managed through diagnosis, proper treatment, follow-up visits, and prevention by a friendly staff arborist. IPM delivers the latest in environmentally positive tree and shrub care.

Winter weather shield - Our non toxic desiccants act as a protective barrier from the cold of winter. This "modern-day-burlap" locks in the moisture to ensure healthy evergreens, rhododendrons, and azaleas. It also prevents root rot and winter burn in a wide variety of plantings.

Specialty Treatments - Deer repellent, grub control, and birch borer/miner injections are environmentally conscious and effective treatments for these specific, but common ailments.

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid is an aphid like insect that overwinters in cottony sacs on the needles of hemlock trees and privacy hedges. The insect feeds on the nitrogen in the tree and can overwhelm and infest your hemlocks in one season, causing needle die off and eventually death if left untreated. Discovered in New York in 1985, the insect is easily spread throughout neighborhoods by wind and birds. At North Eastern Tree Care, we offer several solutions to this deadly insect.

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