How Trees Increase Your Property Value

Tree care is an investment. Healthy trees help increase property values, beautify your surroundings, purify the air, and even can conserve energy in hot weather with the shade they provide.

However, trees and plants that have been taken care of by a professional arborist do more than that. If you want to make a profit when selling your house, you should know that it is all in your trees.

Studies by the PNW Research Station show that a tree in front of a property can boost the selling price by $7,130. On the other hand, a trimmed and well-kept tree can add value by six to fourteen percent. Consequently, the shade provided by trees reduces energy bills and keeps the air fresh.

An arborist will help you take care of the trees, advise on when to cut down, what to plant, and what not to. So, before you start the process of selling your house, contact the best arborists in your area and take your landscape design up a notch.

So, how does money grow on trees?

1. Aesthetics

Hiring trees and shrub care services will keep your exterior ship-shape and tidy. The first thing a potential buyer will see before the interior is the landscape. And the appearance will help make the first impression. Your home will transform from a dull to a colorful, vibrant ambiance. Add the right species and have them well-maintained, and you will see your property value appreciate.

2. Return on Investment

Nobody likes to suffer losses when selling a big investment like a house. For you to have a profitable return when selling, ROI has to be high. An attractive yard can boost selling price by 150% to 200%, compared to 125% for bathroom and kitchen remodeling. An arborist will keep your yard in its best shape 24/7, and it will attract buyers.

3. Lifetime Beauty

When you envision your family in a home, you imagine a beautiful environment with cool air and a soothing atmosphere. Similarly, when potential buyers view your home, they want a calming place that they can relax in after a long day. A home with trees in its landscape will sell faster because it subconsciously gives people a tranquil sensation.

Best Arborists New York, Connecticut, New Jersey

Whenever you want to sell your property or increase its value, know you can never go wrong with a good landscape design. Your yard will look impeccable and, with quality air, you will save on energy and get shade for outdoor fun. Starting on your own may feel wearisome, but by contacting North-Eastern Tree, Shrub, and Lawn Cree arborists, you will be good to go!

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