5 Ways To Keep Your Trees Looking Their Best

Trees are treasures in our properties to be preserved and valued. They not only make our landscaping or backyard look beautiful but also enable us to breathe clean air by curbing air pollution and soil erosion. Trees will provide shade in your yard or the surrounding area, which will help you cut energy costs. They are also the touchstones of our family’s recollections and our children’s playground.

Tree care efforts will also help in maintaining good shape and proper growth. However, it can be very easy to forget or ignore properly to maintain your trees which is vital if you want to keep their good looks and health. Below are five ways that will enable you to maintain the best look of your trees:

Choose The Right Trees To Plant In Your Property

Proper tree care mostly starts when choosing the trees you will plant in your yard. It would be best to consider several things, including the purpose of planting your trees, whether they are for shade, aesthetics, or adding privacy.

Also, consider the limitations of your planting site, know the maximum height and the wideness of the trees you want to plant at their maturity stage, and get an idea about how they will be shaped. Will they be small and round or tall column style?

Knowing how your new tree will look like will make it easy for you to take good care of it in the future. You will also avoid any inconvenience, such as blocking your driveway or overgrowing trees, which may damage your property or roof if the branches fell. It will also help to protect your windows as well.

Protect Tree Roots

Healthy tree roots are crucial for maintaining the best condition of your trees. It would be best if you also considered the health of your soil. Ensure the soil is not compacted, making it difficult for water and oxygen to infiltrate into the roots of your trees. Soil compaction can hinder the healthy growth of your trees.

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You should discourage foot traffic by keeping paths and playing items away from your trees’ root zones.  Also, avoid parking cars or placing heavy loads anywhere near the tree roots. 

Conduct Proper Pruning And Mulching

It is advisable to carry out pruning work during the winter season before new branches push out in the spring. However, some circumstances will require pruning and trimming irrespective of any season of the year, such as when you see the crossing, dead, or low branches. Crossing limbs might create wounds in the barks and affect the proper growth of a tree, and if they are pruned, you will encourage the growth of more robust branches.

Dead limbs will create risks such as tree degradation through the rough breaks where destructive organisms and moisture can enter. They can also fall and damage your property. It would help get rid of low limbs to allow more light to reach the area below your trees or make your driveway accessible.

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If you have never pruned any tree, hiring a professional is a wise idea. It is because tree services experts have the right skills, experience, and equipment to successfully prune without posing any danger to your property, people, or items in the surrounding area.

Mulching is another simple tree care precaution that will ensure your trees maintain their healthy condition. You will need to mulch regularly at the base of the tree. You should keep the mulch layer away from the tree barks, root flares, and trunk. Mulch thickness should be around 2 to 3 inches; any additional depth might cause the roots to smoothen and affect the proper growth of your plants.

Observe Your Trees And Familiarize Yourself With Tree Diseases

It is important to know your trees and observe them on regular occasions. Also, familiarize yourself with common or possible types of tree diseases that might affect your trees. Some of the changes you should monitor or note include stunted growth and rapid discoloration.

An arborist specializes in woody plants, including shrubs and tree care solutions. Knowing your tree’s appearance when it was healthy will make it easier to explain to an arborist and get quick answers if a disease attacks it. The expert will also advise you on the best types of pest, insect, or tick control products effective for local tree diseases, pests, and insect treatment.

Other Beneficial Types Of Tree Care Activities

Fertilize When Needed

Young trees will need fertilization and organic tree care to get nutrients and food for healthy and strong growth. In most cases, mature trees don’t require feeding unless they have yellowish foliage or poor development. A tree services company will help you know the types of nutrients that your trees might need by conducting a soil test.

Properly fertilized trees will look healthier, greener, and grow vigorously while producing numerous flowers. You should avoid adding too much fertilizer, especially on large trees, to avoid causing damage. You should research or ask tree care professional about the maximum fertilizer you should apply.

Water Properly

Watering your trees is also essential to maintain their good health. It would help if you immediately watered your new trees after planting. Young trees will need deep watering for their roots to establish and proper growth. You should also water your mature trees during the summer, dry, or hot season. Extended heat or drought period might kill a tree due to lack of water.

Protect Your Tree Trunks And Barks

Tree trunks and barks are the structural armor of your plants. If you are using a mower, weed whacker, or any other lawn equipment, steer clear of anywhere near your trees to avoid hitting and causing damage.

Damaged trunks and barks can easily harbor bacterial and fungal infections, which will harm trees from inside by causing rot. You can use small reflectors for your trees to be visible in the dark if you think you might hit them with your vehicle.

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