What You Need to Know About Applying Fertilizer Before Snow

As temperatures drop, you’re likely considering a wide range of lawn and garden care services to protect your property from snow, ice, and other winter-related weather problems. Keeping your lawn healthy throughout the year is essential if you want to benefit from lush grass in your gardens or yards. Applying fertilizer before snow can help your lawn prepare for winter conditions. 

In this guide, we’re going to look at what you need to know about fertilizing your lawn before snow begins. Better yet, if you want premium lawn care in Chappaqua by North Eastern Tree, Shrub, & Lawn Care, you can contact us for more information. We’re always happy to help our clients protect their lawns throughout the winter.

Benefits of Applying Fertilizer Before Snow

Most property owners associate fertilizer with the summer months. When you apply summer fertilizers to your lawn, they can promote significant growth. They harness the power of water and sunlight to turn your garden into a lush paradise. 

On the other hand, lawns don’t have the same access to natural nutrients when temperatures drop, and the sun fades. This can cause growth problems. It can also result in the grass being more prone to damage during winter. 

If a lawn is unhealthy, various elements in your grass may suffer. For example, your grass roots may not provide the same strength to your lawn, which can increase the risk of damage throughout winter. This can also increase muddy conditions in the winter.

Those who wait to apply fertilizer until it’s already snowing or extremely cold risk not preparing their lawn for difficult conditions. Your lawn and garden need time to build strength to handle freezing temperatures. 

Winter fertilizer provides nutrients to your lawn, which can help it prepare for winter. This is why it’s critical to apply nutrients to a lawn before temperatures reach their low points. By using winter fertilizer early, you can improve the health of your lawn and plants before they need to cope with colder temperatures. 

Using a Professional Lawn Service to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

While most winter fertilizers will come with instructions, choosing the perfect fertilization strategy can be difficult if you’re not a lawn care professional. 

If you want to harness the benefits of applying a fertilizer before winter, using a professional lawn care service can help. It’s critical to choose the correct type of winter fertilizer for your needs, lawn, plants, local climate, and more. 

Professional lawn services will understand how to aerate your lawn and ensure it’s ready for snow, ice, and more. If you don’t correctly maintain your yard or garden before winter, it may result in dead plants, patchy grass, and more. This damage can be extremely costly to fix and will mean your property might not be ready to take advantage of the sunlight in early spring. 

Lawn contractors will understand that applying fertilizer before snow is an excellent preparation strategy. They can help you maintain your lawn, regardless of the time of year. 

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