The Top 5 Reasons to Plant Trees and Get Tree Healthcare

Trees remind us of the immense power and strength of the forest and wilderness, and there are practical reasons to plant trees.

While hiring a reputable tree service to plant new trees and additional tree services and ongoing care to keep them attractive, healthy, and safe may require some upkeep.

Here are the top 5 reasons to plant trees.

Reasons Why You Need Trees in Westchester County

Are you considering whether or not to plant trees in your yard? Learn more about why to plant trees and shrubs!

#1. Young Trees Produce More Oxygen and Fight Climate Change

We all know that trees create oxygen. As the population increases and we constantly deplete resources, we need more and more new trees to make up for the trees that die. In an area like Connecticut or New York known for its trees, it’s especially important to keep tree populations alive in the forests and in your yard.

New plants also improve air quality thanks to the increased fresh oxygen emitted into the area, especially in suburban and urban areas that produce significant amounts of pollution.

The pollution in the air contributes to climate change, so new trees are essential to slow down global warming. Planting trees may not be as easy as you expected, though.

There are a lot of things to consider.

When enlisting tree care services to plant new trees, you’ll need to be very thoughtful about where you place the trees. For example, you need to be careful that the tree roots won’t cause a hazard for your home or underground pipes as they grow. You’ll also need to care for the tree as it grows so that it grows properly with tree trimming, additional popular services, and knowledge about your particular type of tree.

#2. Plant Endangered Tree Species

You have a lot of choices when you pick a new tree. Consider a tree species that aren’t as plentiful as it once was to keep the species alive.

If you have a rare tree on your property already, you will need the knowledge of the tree surgeons such as North Eastern Tree, Shrub, and Lawn Care to learn more about any special needs the tree may have and how to keep it alive as long as possible.

Some of the endangered tree and shrub species in Connecticut include:

  • Climbing Fern
  • Bog Willow
  • Sandbar Willow
  • Bur Oak

#3. Healthy Trees Provide Food and Shelter for Wildlife

Where will squirrels and birds go if they don’t have trees for food and shelter? Proper tree services not only care for your trees but also the creatures associated with the trees.

Animals won’t live in dead trees. If the creatures become displaced, they may die more quickly if the competition for food and shelter gets too problematic.

In some cases, the creatures may even look for shelter in your home if they can’t find any suitable trees. Along with squirrels and birds, many bug species and plant species rely on trees.

It’s important to protect the trees and keep them healthy. Some standard tips on how to keep your trees healthy include:

  1. Plant in the right place
  2. Water the tree when the weather gets dry
  3. Create healthy soil
  4. Prune leaves as necessary
  5. Practice pest control

Don’t take on the responsibility of tree care yourself. If you take the wrong actions, the trees may die instead of growing. Plus, you may waste money on products or tools that don’t work.

Instead, enlist the help of a tree and shrub care company for reassurance that your trees will get professional-level care.

#4. Improve Your Curb Appeal in Scarsdale, NY

Dead trees and unkempt trees look ugly. Furthermore, dead trees present a hazard. What happens if a tree falls onto your house because you let it die? Prevent the problem before it becomes an issue.

Many tree diseases are preventable. Keep trees healthy by enlisting tree service from knowledgeable arborists who know the most common tree diseases in the area and how to prevent them.

People will stare in awe when your property contains lush, beautiful trees. People may like the look of the trees in your yard so much that it may increase the curb appeal of your property.

Tree surgeons can help you with landscaping ideas for residential and commercial properties. New York and Connecticut attract homeowners thanks to the illusion of seclusion. In part to the numerous trees in the area.

Plant trees strategically to provide shade and privacy where you need it the most. Neighbors can join you under the trees if you allow it. However, they won’t see anything happening on your property without your permission.

#5. Prevents Soil Erosion and Water Runoff

While many people assume a lot of rain is great for the local ecosystem, too much water can cause damage in the form of soil erosion and water runoff.

Soil is precious. Too much water can cause it to erode. Water runoff can also lead to flooding.

Trees work to prevent both soil erosion and water runoff. Trees absorb a lot of water, making a big difference after heavy rain. Furthermore, leaves keep the water in the trees instead of contributing to the flooding underneath.

Get A Professional Tree Services Through North Eastern Tree, Shrub, and Lawn Care

When you get tree services at North Eastern Tree, Shrub, and Lawn Care, you know you are enlisting the services of a shrub care company you can rely on.

Our certified arborists, whom we like to refer to as tree surgeons, have extensive knowledge of different trees and how to care for them (as well as how to make them look great in your yard).

We pride ourselves on producing high-quality results on time with excellent customer service for residential and commercial properties.

Contact us today when your family decides to enlist tree care services in Westchester County!

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