What Fruit Trees Grow in New York: A Brief Guide

What fruit trees grow in New York? There is a wide range of popular varieties that do very well in New York and are disease resistant. 

Let’s look at the varieties that are best for fruit production in the area, as shared by North Eastern Tree, Shrub & Lawn Care, the top tree care experts in Yonkers, NY.

Apple, Plum, Cherry & Pear Trees

Apple Trees 

Did you know that apples account for 89% of fruit crops in the Hudson Valley? It’s not called the Big Apple for nothing. The state is also the second-largest producer of this popular fruit nationally because our warm summers and cold winters are perfect for producing crisp, juicy apples year after year.

Plum Trees

Depending on the soil type, you can grow several types of plums throughout the state. However, while plums are usually better off in warmer areas, the Italian Prune variety works in any zone and is easy to cultivate.

Cherry Trees

Cherry trees are another hit statewide because of their tolerance to the cold, with the Montmorency variety being the best overall performer. Sweeter varieties require a slightly warmer climate to bear tasty fruit. However, if you are more interested in the beautiful display of blossoms or have a liking for tart cherries, the variety you choose is less important. 

Pear Trees

Pear trees do exceptionally well in New York because these trees also like the cold. They are easy to care for and produce well within a couple of years as long as the soil conditions are right. In New York, Warren, S’Anjou, Bartlett, and Asian pears make a welcome addition to any local garden.

Grape Vines & Blueberry Bushes


Technically, grapes don’t come to mind when you ask, “What fruit trees grow in New York?” But we include them because grape vines will grow extremely well in the warmer regions of New York. Any areas with large bodies of water nearby are particularly suitable for milder microclimates. 

The Concord Seedless Grape is an excellent variety for New York.


As smaller trees but still fruit-bearing ones, blueberries do well in New York. Find a northern highbush variety for the best results, as these blueberries love the cold. You can improve cross-pollination by choosing two varieties (Bluecorp and Pink Lemonade are excellent choices).

Figs, Avocados, and Citrus Trees

Fig Trees

Do you live in a zone that doesn’t fall below 25°F? If not, grow your fig tree in a container in a sheltered spot and bring it in during the colder spells.

Avocado Trees

The team at North Eastern Tree, Shrub & Lawn Care gets so many New Yorkers asking if they can grow avocados. Officially, this subtropical fruit tree cannot handle New York’s winter temperatures. However, you may try a container for ornamental reasons (it probably won’t produce fruit). 

There is also a good chance that a cold snap will kill the tree, even indoors.

Citrus Trees

Citrus trees are not cold-tolerant enough to plant outside in New York but grow well in containers. Put them in a sheltered spot or near a south-facing window for plenty of sunlight. You may have to use a grower light to supplement the sun.

Watering citrus is tricky because they prefer deep watering occasionally rather than wet roots. You should wait to water the tree until the top few inches of soil are completely dry. 

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