Organic Based Lawn Care

Pure organic based lawn care can  improve the root growth in grass

North Eastern Tree Care emphasizes and offers a wide range of natural and organic services for your property.

Our natural and organic lawn care programs produce the lush, green results homeowners have come to expect from while using no synthetic chemicals or man-made materials. To bring a more natural touch to your lawn, turn to the local lawn care experts at North Eastern Tree Care.

We offer a wide range of natural and organic property services. In many cases, these are standard North Eastern Tree Care services that are already natural and nature-safe. In other cases, we’ve modified our services to ensure that all materials used are naturally sourced from plants and organic matter. As with all our services, our natural and organic property care services are customized for every client and every property, ensuring you get the most out of our care and maintenance.

We will help you grow a healthy, natural lawn without herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

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