Organic Tree Care

Organic tree care available through North Eastern Tree Care

When a natural based program is preferred, a skilled and committed arborist is required to understand the needs of your landscape. The focus is on preventative maintenance, early detection and organic controls.  Regular inspections allow our arborist to identify issues early and appropriately time treatments. For treatments to be effective, timing is critical. 

North Eastern Tree Care’s organic program uses products reviewed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI). We offer organic fertilizer and naturally based insect and disease management programs. Products including organic materials like horticultural oil, botanical insecticide oils, insecticidal soap, pyrethrum, sea kelp, as well as, products derived from plants and microorganisms.
Beautiful tress can be achieved when you see organic tree care tips from our arborists

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Connecticut News Alert

Over the past month, the presence of mosquitoes testing positive for the deadly Eastern Equine Encephalitis virus led to field curfews, warnings and health scares in several Connecticut towns.

The EEE scare began taking shape over the past week when state health officials announced that a second Connecticut resident had died as a result of the virus and that EEE-infected mosquitos were now found in South Windsor. Two Connecticut residents from East and Old Lyme were killed by the EEE virus, officials confirmed. EEE mosquitoes have now been found in 21 Connecticut towns.

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Here is what the CDC is saying...