Pure Organic Lawn Care

The benefits of purely organic lawn care are great, especially when compared to chemical based programs.

The focus of our Pure Organic Lawn Care programs is to improve the structure and fertility of your soils through biologically sound practices while utilizing 100% organic soil supplements.  In turn your soil will be able to support the dense growth of a diversity of turfgrass that will protect itself from insect pests, disease and weeds naturally.  Whether you need help at your home, business or campus North Eastern’s lawn care professionals will work with you to create an eco-friendly lawn care program custom tailored to the unique demands of your landscape.

Healthy and structurally sound soils are rich in organic matter and teeming with active biology that work together to provide plants the nutrients they need as they need them.  The most important component of organic lawn care is the elimination of soil compaction which prevents needed oxygen and water from entering your turfs root zone hampering your soils biology and limiting healthy root growth.  We employ several methods to de-compact and amend soil, a site inspection with one of our organic lawn care specialists will help to determine which is best for your lawn. 

There are many organic control products available that effectively handle insect and disease problems. We utilize a range of these controls that are OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) approved as part of our organic care programs.  The intent of our Pure Organic Lawn Care program is to balance the use of controls with cultural practices, and ultimately reduce or eliminate the need to rely on the application of controls to sustain healthy turf.

Speak with our lawn care experts to learn how we can help you achieve a beautiful and healthy lawn all season. 

As part of the pure organic lawn care regime, we recycle grass clippings.

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