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Professional Shrub Care Services in Greenwich, CT 

Shrubs are an essential part of any landscape. They are beautiful additions to your home or business, and they can be used to add a little extra curb appeal to your property. To protect your property, add value to your home or business, and promote a stunning landscape, you should turn to the expert at North Eastern Tree, Shrub & Lawn Care for all your shrub care needs. We proudly preserve landscapes for homeowners and business owners throughout Greenwich, Connecticut, and the surrounding areas. 

The Importance of Shrub Maintenance 

While shrubs can be planted singularly or grouped together in a mass planting to form hedges or borders, no matter what their purpose, they all have one thing in common: a need for regular maintenance to ensure that they stay healthy and beautiful. Caring for your shrubs can be tedious and time-consuming, but it is very important if you want to keep your yard looking lush and green for many years to come. 

At North Eastern Tree, Shrub & Lawn Care, we have been providing professional shrub care services in Greenwich, CT for over 20 years. We are a trusted leader in the landscaping and professional groundskeeping industry, and we can help you keep your yard healthy and well-groomed. Our wide range of shrub care services includes shrub disease treatment, shrub fertilization, and shrub pruning.  

Trusted Shrub Disease Treatment in Greenwich, CT 

When it comes to keeping your shrubs lush and healthy, you’ll want to make sure that you aren’t ignoring any issues with them. When you notice that your shrub is having some kind of issue, do not hesitate to contact a professional shrub expert right away. Common signs of shrub diseases include: 

  • Leaf discoloration 
  • Wilted foliage 
  • Unusual growth on its branches and trunk 

Not all shrub issues are easy to diagnose, and a true professional can identify the problem quickly and provide effective treatment. At North Eastern Tree, Shrub & Lawn Care, our ISA-certified arborists can diagnose the issue you are having, find out what is causing it, and treat it using only the highest quality products.  

Exceptional Shrub Fertilization in Greenwich, CT 

Shrubs are constantly fighting off the threat of diseases and insects. But, when they are healthy, shrubs can be some of the most beautiful garden staples available. To keep your shrubs looking their best, you need to make sure that they are getting all of the nutrients that they need in order to thrive. Proper fertilization for shrubs offers a multitude of benefits that contribute to their overall health, resilience, and aesthetic appeal: 

  • Enhanced Growth: Fertilization provides essential nutrients that are often lacking in the soil, promoting vigorous growth and development of shrubs. 
  • Increased Flowering and Fruiting: Well-fertilized shrubs tend to produce more abundant and vibrant flowers or fruits, enhancing the visual appeal of your garden landscape. 
  • Improved Resistance to Environmental Stress: Fertilized shrubs are better equipped to withstand environmental stressors such as drought, heat, and cold, leading to a stronger defense against diseases and pests. 
  • Extended Lifespan: By providing essential nutrients, fertilization supports the long-term health and longevity of shrubs, prolonging their lifespan and preserving the beauty of your landscape. 
  • Increased Property Value: Well-maintained shrubs add curb appeal to your property, potentially increasing its market value and attractiveness to potential buyers. 

Our skilled arborists can perform shrub fertilization services in Greenwich, CT to ensure that your shrubs are getting all of the nutrients they need. At North Eastern Tree, Shrub & Lawn Care, we offer fall and spring fertilization programs to provide your shrubs with valuable micronutrients and biostimulants to promote healthy plant growth. 

Reliable Shrub Pruning Services in Greenwich, CT 

Pruning is another essential part of taking care of your shrubs. Overgrown shrubs will start to lose their natural shape and beauty, and smaller shrubs will get completely overgrown and can be hard to see. Professional pruning at North Eastern Tree, Shrub & Lawn Care is performed by our friendly arborists who are experts in the art of shaping shrubs and hedges so that they are beautiful and balanced without becoming a tangled mess. We will make sure that your shrubs are pruned away from power lines, sidewalks, and other elements of your property so that they do not pose any safety hazards. 

Schedule an Estimate at Your Greenwich, CT, Property 

Our professional shrub care services will keep your shrubs looking healthy and beautiful for years to come. Whether your issue is disease treatment or basic fertilization, you can trust our ISA-certified arborists to diagnose the problem and provide professional treatment that gets results. Contact us today at (888) 439-8733 to schedule your free initial consultation or request a no-obligation estimate. 


Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to answer all your tree-related questions!

What is the average cost of tree pruning in New York and New Jersey?

The cost of tree pruning can vary depending on several factors such as the size of the tree, its location, and the complexity of the job. On average, you can expect to pay between $500 to $2,500 for tree removal services.

Can tree trimming be done in any season?

Yes, tree trimming can be done in any season. However, it’s best to avoid trimming trees during their active growth period in the spring and summer. Late fall and winter are good seasons for tree trimming as it will help promote healthy growth during the next growing season.

What should I do if a tree falls on my property?

If a tree falls on your property, the first thing you should do is call a professional tree service company to assess the damage and safely remove the tree. If the fallen tree has caused structural damage or poses a safety hazard, contact your insurance provider to file a claim.

What is tree pruning?

Tree pruning is the process of selectively removing specific branches or parts of a tree in order to improve its health, shape, and overall appearance. This can involve removing dead, diseased, or damaged branches, as well as trimming back branches that are overcrowded or growing in an undesirable direction. Pruning can also be used to control the size and shape of a tree, promote better fruit or flower production, or provide clearance for buildings, power lines, or other structures. Proper pruning techniques are important to avoid damaging the tree and to promote healthy growth.

Are permits required for tree removal or trimming in New York and New Jersey?

It depends on the location and type of tree being removed or trimmed. In some cases, a permit may be required from the local government or homeowners’ association. It’s important to check with your local authorities to ensure that you have all the necessary permits before proceeding with any tree service.

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