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Trees are a crucial part of our natural environment. Planting trees in your residential and commercial properties will improve the overall aesthetics, keep your compound private, improve the air quality, and provide shade during the scorching summer heat.



However, enjoying these wonderful benefits provided by trees also comes with the responsibility of caring for them. For example, trees need pruning to maintain good health and look. They are also susceptible to disease and attacks from pests.



As such, if you have a couple of trees in your compound, you need someone with the right experience to provide good care for your trees.


 At North Eastern Tree, Shrub, & Lawn Care, we specialize in everything trees, shrubs, and lawn, including maintenance and disease/pest elimination. Get in touch with us for prompt and professional tree care.


What Tree Care Services Can You Get from Us?


Here’s a look at the different tree maintenance services you can get from us anywhere in New York:




We have a team of qualified tree service experts who work locally and understand all the tree species in New York and the climatic conditions. Our experienced arborists are well-versed in all kinds of tree maintenance tasks like planting, fertilizing, tree trimming, and pruning tree branches. So, we will work to ensure that your trees thrive and are beautiful throughout the year.




For healthy trees, you must take care of the roots. At North Eastern Tree Care, we specialize in fertilization treatment that feeds your soil essential micronutrients and biostimulants to ensure that your tree roots are healthy and growing. Our professional service will organically amend your soil to ensure it provides the best environment for your trees to thrive.



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If you have trees on your yard, lawn, or commercial property that are not doing too well, it could be insects or pests wreaking havoc on your trees. These pesky animals can move to other healthy trees with delayed action, causing more damage. Luckily, we have tree health experts ready to come and inspect the affected trees and then take necessary action to remedy your situation. 



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Notice something different in your trees’ bark, leaves, or branches? Like any other living organism, trees, too, can be affected by various diseases. These diseases, if not treated, can gravely affect the health of your trees. They could even stunt growth or kill your trees. You can rely on us to come to diagnose and administer proper treatment to restore your plants’ health.




Are you tired of replanting your fruit trees after deer invasion? Deer can wreak havoc on flowers, vegetables, and young trees in New York and surrounding areas, especially in the spring and winter. At North Eastern Tree Care, we can help you come with a plan that will deter deer from coming and consuming young trees in your garden or yard.



Why Pick Our Tree Care Service Over Other Tree Service Companies?


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At North Eastern Tree, Shrub, & Lawn Care, our goal is to keep your trees thriving. So, you can trust us with your trees right from the planting stage to nurturing and tree trimming upon maturity. Whatever tree service you hire us for, you can always be sure of:



    • Thorough service that leaves your trees looking healthy and beautiful 


    • On-time response and service delivery


    • Honest, upfront service pricing with no hidden charges


    • Working with insured tree service experts


    • Ethical and sustainable tree care services 


    • Professional customer care that takes all your needs into consideration


    • Expert advice and tips for taking better care of your trees


If these qualities are what you’re looking for, contact us today for free project cost information.




Need Commercial or Residential Tree Care That You Can Rely on? North Eastern Tree Care is Ready to Help


Keeping up with your tree maintenance does not need to be stressful- not if you hire the best tree service to do the job for you. At North Eastern Tree, Shrub, & Lawn Care, we specialize in caring for trees of all species. Our company has been in business for 20 years, so rest assured we have the experience and expertise needed for regular maintenance or quick emergency tree services in Yonkers, NY.



So, if you are looking for professional tree care in NY, why not give us a call at (888) 439-8733 or visit us online for more information about our tree care services.


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