Lisandra Soares Avatar

Lisandra Soares 8/22/2022
Darlene K Avatar

Keeping my yard beautiful..thank you!

Darlene K 7/27/2022
Karen Clarkson Avatar

Karen Clarkson 7/12/2022
Robert Greenberg Avatar

Robert Greenberg 7/06/2022
David Hardy Avatar

David Hardy 7/03/2022
J Fasciana Avatar

North Eastern Tree did a great job on our five acre property.I highly recommend them.

J Fasciana 6/27/2022
anne romanello Avatar

We have been using North Eastern for 9 months after using our landscaper for 25 years. Our lawn has never looked so lush, beautiful and dandelion free. It’s great to finally use trained, certified and knowledgeable professionals. Who knew it was a job landscapers shouldn’t do. We highly recommend you give Jeff and his trained professionals a call so that you also obtain lush, beautiful lawn.

anne romanello 5/29/2022
Ms. Santa Varbaro Avatar

Ms. Santa Varbaro 12/13/2021
Suffern Host Avatar

This company sprays my trees with an organic compound and I have no beetles or ticks and much fewer mosquitos. I remember I thought I might not need this and I skipped a year and boy did I pay for it with so many bugs on my property. This is a great service well worth the money.

Suffern Host 11/10/2021
Steph Goog Avatar

Great company. Very professional and reliable. We use them to tick spraying, but they do a whole lot more.

Steph Goog 10/20/2021
Carole Brown Avatar

I used them to spray to get rid of my boxwood blight and scale on my pachysandra . They are very knowledgeable regarding different diseases on my plants. Very prompt and courteous and Santa in the office is very efficient and organized. I would recommend them to anyone!

Carole Brown 10/06/2021
Alan Berner Avatar

North Eastern always takes great care of my trees and shrubs, keeping them disease and pest free, and great looking all year-round.

Alan Berner 9/13/2021
J H Avatar

I use this company for lawn care feeding seeding aeration. I am very pleased with the care they take of my lawn and the promptness of the service. My lawn has never looked better amd the plants they use their sea kelp on look terrific. Most of my shrubs have been growing quickly. They like the food. It’s a great help to have the lawn aerated and seeded every fall so I crowd out the weeds with grass.

J H 7/13/2021
Noah Sack Avatar

The service is environmentally friendly and really works! Very few bugs invade our BBQ and the trees show no signs of being eaten!

Noah Sack 6/20/2021
Ms. Santa Varbaro Avatar

Protect your family early from Tick and Mosquitos with our Program, have a healthier Lawn with our 7 step program .. We have the most experience workers, very knowledgeable .. highly recommended .... Tim, Russell and Brent

Ms. Santa Varbaro 3/20/2021
Anna Barre Avatar

" I am Completely Satisfied with Jeff and his professional crew, Tim, Russell & Brent. Brent handled my situation with my lawn, Russell handled the shrubs and mosquito problem. They are Clean and very Efficient in their efforts to fertilize my lawn & treat my ornamental plants. I would recommend North Eastern Tree Care to my Friends and Neighbors without reservation! Great Job and Many Thanks! "

Anna Barre 12/20/2020
Wendy W Campolattaro Avatar

Very knowledgable!

Wendy W Campolattaro 10/20/2020
Jeff Furano Avatar

Honest, knowledgeable and very professional.

Jeff Furano 10/20/2020
Scott Handelman Avatar

Really good company! They come when they are supposed to, and do a good through job spraying.

Scott Handelman 9/20/2020
Christopher Ernesto Avatar

I was very pleased with the service provided by North Eastern on my property. Their technician was very knowledgeable & helpful.

Christopher Ernesto 9/20/2020
Santa Varbaro Avatar

Great company .. very knowledgeable arborist n staff, great results using their Lawn Care Program.

Santa Varbaro 9/20/2020
Chris Stingone Avatar

Wonderful service, Highly recommend!

Chris Stingone 9/20/2020
J H Avatar

Nice firm. You can speak to the arborist lawn man before they get to your home and they do what you want. But suggest other ways to care for the lawn too. I want more organic treatment but some spot treatment is done for a few weeds. My lawn is very green has a few weeds which I don’t mind. The sea kelp has really helped as has the aeration and fall seeding. They have taken a lot of work off my plate. They always call you back. I would recommend. Prices are average for this work.

J H 9/20/2019
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