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I am always informed as to when service will arrive.
Maggie Gonzales Avatar
Maggie Gonzales
I use this service for organic lawn care. They treat my lawn regularly and at the end of the season aerate and seed. My lawn soil is in much better condition for growing a lush lawn in the spring. They use organic soil treatments which have changed the condition of my lawn soil. I can tell when I dig into it that their service has made my soil more amenable for lawn seeding. I do have them spot treat weeds but I have tolerance for some lawn “weeds” as you should when you do not use broad spectrum weed killers. I have used the service for more than 5 years.
J H Avatar
From office to forest, from Santa to Anthony, they do what they say, which from me earns HURRAY!
Jeffrey Siger Avatar
Jeffrey Siger
Excellent job!!
Juan Mendez Avatar
Juan Mendez
I have owned a house for 23 years and North Eastern Tree, Shrub & Lawn care is the first lawn/garden company that I have dealt with that are: Reliable, Available, Knowledgeable, Patient, Friendly, Helpful and Do a Consistently Terrific Job.
Francine blumm Avatar
Francine blumm
We are so very pleased with the care our yard receives! Trouble spots in lawn are looking good and our trees are staying healthy too!
Kathy Moran Avatar
Kathy Moran
The people that work at North Eastern Tree Care, are very helpful and professional on their job. They are clear on the description of the job to perform show interest in case of questions, and they work fast and efficient, but most importantly they care of doing a proper job! My grass looks great and my trees tall and strong
Victoria Martinez Avatar
Victoria Martinez
On time and with care.
rl design Avatar
rl design
On time and communicate well with the customer
T Bron Avatar
T Bron
Super friendly tree guys!
Carolyn Champion Avatar
Carolyn Champion
We have been using North Eastern Tree, Shrub and Lawn care for the last 16 years and have been very happy with the results. When we had a dog, we were concerned about ticks and we never had an issue with their service. We still have our yard sprayed for ticks for precaution!!
David Hardy Avatar
David Hardy
Had our initial service and was thorough and professional
jerry layefsky Avatar
jerry layefsky
I've always been very happy with the products and service of North Eastern Tree. The staff is wonderful and the results are great.
Kirk Woodward Avatar
Kirk Woodward
these two new men did a great job
Thomas McIntyre Avatar
Thomas McIntyre
Peter RUPRECHT Avatar
North Easter Tree, Shrub & Lawn Care team were at my 2 homes again this past week and I'm still so impressed with the dedication and care they put into our lawn. Stephen & Ian, their technicians, took time to explain each and every question I had and my lawns is the envy of the neighborhood. The grass is thick and green and my neighbor always remark on how nice it feels when they walk across it. Thank for another great year of service!
Anna Barre Avatar
Anna Barre
My lawn was serviced today and what a pleasant experience I had! Usually, with these services the truck comes and sometimes I see it, sometimes I don't, sometimes they put up the sign they've been there, sometimes not.... Well what a joy it was today to be greeted by two young men, Steven and Ian, from NE Tree Service at my front door. They introduced themselves, told me what to expect, asked if I had any questions, and made sure it was ok to do their work. Unfortunately, I had my landscaping guys already starting to cut the grass. They informed me that they couldn't do their work while the grass was being cut and that they'd be back later. Sure enough, later this afternoon - another ring on my doorbell. Just as pleasant as the earlier greeting ! They were here to perform their service. Everything was a go because my landscapers had finished. They did what they had to do quickly and efficiently and put up the lawn sign that they were here - then they left! I was left with a confident feeling that they knew what they were doing and my lawn was in good hands. Thank you to Steven and Ian....
SJ Pastore Avatar
SJ Pastore
Prompt efficient thorough service
nick galbo Avatar
nick galbo
Always satisfied
Regina Weiner Avatar
Regina Weiner
We received a tree and shrub treatment from North Eastern Tree Shrub and Lawn. Steven G. was friendly, knowledgeable and thorough. We were pleased with this service.
Ida Angland Avatar
Ida Angland
We have been using Northeastern Tree care for years now. First at our home in northern NJ and continued their services once we moved to CT. Great organic products and the technician Eddie is always incredibly helpful and friendly. Definitely recommend their services for tree, lawn and shrub care!
Victoria Donzella Avatar
Victoria Donzella
We use this service for tick control on our property, and it is amazing! Just yesterday a friend was mentioning that there are so many ticks this year, but we have none!
Beth White Avatar
Beth White
Steven, my technician, was super friendly and knowledgeable. He explained to me the steps I needed to take to help improve my trees and did a very good job of treating the current issues at hand. Highly recommend!
Lauren Hurwitz Avatar
Lauren Hurwitz
All of the workers are fantastic Eddie G is fantastic. Professional and helpful beyond just being a job. Highly recommend them Tim the arborist is always helpful and goes above and beyond.
Toby K Avatar
Toby K
Luna Bennett Avatar
Luna Bennett
Fantastic work performed by Anthony Nappi. Very professional, courteous and got the job done. North Eastern Tree have helped us save our oak tree that got infected and now is showing great improvement.
Raul Cisneros Avatar
Raul Cisneros
Radha Ratnaparkhi Avatar
Radha Ratnaparkhi
We have been using North Eastern for a number of years now, they do a great job. If we have any questions or concerns, they’re quick to respond. Thank you Eddie for taking care of the property.
Michael Sasser Avatar
Michael Sasser
Great job. Always reliable service and very professional
Juan Mendez Avatar
Juan Mendez
Eddie was great, very friendly and knowledgeable
Justin Geluso Avatar
Justin Geluso
Peter is good
En Egberon Avatar
En Egberon
Just letting North Eastern Tree Care know the wonderful job that your tech Eddie G. did on our property on June 2, 2023! He answered all my questions I had and explain the treatment process thoroughly. I highly recommend him and your company in the future!
Fred Maier Avatar
Fred Maier
They do a great job! Always great communication and always good service from their technicians. Thanks!
Dave Gargani Avatar
Dave Gargani
These guys Eddie and Jeff are great, very professional, friendly and communicate well. Highly pleased with the service I receive. I highly recommend 100%
Yvonne Miller Avatar
Yvonne Miller
Great service and attention to detail by Eddie. We use this service for organic lawn care and mosquito prevention.
Adam Polo Avatar
Adam Polo
Eddie came to do my service and he's extremely nice and professional. I would highly recommend using NETC for all of your needs!
Lisa Negrotto Avatar
Lisa Negrotto
Eddie is fantastic.
Joe A Avatar
Joe A
Great service. Eddie was very polite and professional
Joan Andrews Avatar
Joan Andrews
Eddie was polite, quick and thorough and did a great job.
Alissa Hathaway Avatar
Alissa Hathaway
These guys are great. 100% recommend. Very good communication, service, flexibility etc. And Eddie the technician was very friendly and helpful. It is rare to find such good service these days. Wouldn't think of using anyone else.
Philip Kaplan Avatar
Philip Kaplan
This is Jamie I. Adams-Stover and rating 5 stars for the excellent service we received from Eddie. Eddie was polite, professional and didn't miss a spot (I was watching thru the window, lol).
Rachael Stover Avatar
Rachael Stover
Excellent service. Eddie services our property and is reliable, friendly and very knowledgable.
Anne Fernqvist Avatar
Anne Fernqvist
They always do a fantastic job in caring for my trees and shrubs! Thank you so much! One happy customer
Lisandra Soares Avatar
Lisandra Soares
Anthony did a thorough job - pointed out items that needed attention - and added required additional treatments during his visit. He left a very complete list of items covered - and explained what to look for in the future. I look forward to future visits.
John Macdonald Avatar
John Macdonald
Needed a consult and help with a section if our lawn. They were great!
Kathy Moran Avatar
Kathy Moran
Using you for years. Always sstisfied.
Barbara Cardinal Avatar
Barbara Cardinal
Very pleased with level of service thoroughly covered property with tick application haven’t had a tick issue in the 15 years of using Northeast Tree!
Steve Markowitz Avatar
Steve Markowitz
Richard Linebaugh Avatar
Richard Linebaugh
Great customer service and reasonable prices.
Darlene Smith Avatar
Darlene Smith
Great lawn care. Communicates well but doesn’t flood your inbox. Haven’t had any tick issues since we started using them. Was a huge problem prior to that.
Christopher Currie Avatar
Christopher Currie
good, but expensive
Marilyn Grosbeck Avatar
Marilyn Grosbeck
Great personal service!
Sherri Smith Avatar
Sherri Smith
Billy Hymas Avatar
Billy Hymas
Professional tree service
Josh Luce Avatar
Josh Luce
My partner and I bought a house in Providence in August 2021. The yard was very overgrown and in September 2021 we hired Northeastern Tree because we wanted a certified arborist to trim our Japanese Maple, among other things. The arborist came to give us a quote for all the work and ensured us he would be here to do the job. When the team arrived 2.5 hours early, he wasn’t here. I wrongly assumed another arborist was present when they said they knew what they were doing. Unfortunately, they damaged our Japanese Maple, broke our downspout and fence, and “thinned out” our Rose of Sharon by taking a chainsaw to the flowering tips hanging into the yard. The maple’s branches were not cleared from the wires and they cut the tips off most of the branches. There are chainsaw marks in some healthy branches. They did not remove bushes as requested and only cut them down short. We expressed our displeasure during the job, but they continued and then left without saying anything or giving us an invoice. Then they tried to charge us for both trimming and removing a huge walnut tree, as well as everything they said they were going to do. They did not respect our property or the wellness of our trees/plants. It took almost 3 months for them to fix the downspout and fence. They then sent an invoice for the entire amount (not itemized). We spent over a year trying to get them to only charge us for what they did properly. They kept ignoring our itemized list of what we were and were not going to pay for and would only put a small “adjustment” on the invoice. In December 2022, we finally got them to itemize the invoice and remove the things they damaged or didn’t do what they said they were going to do. We still paid a hefty price for the job, had a lot of stress, and have to hope that our Japanese Maple heals over the next couple years. It will never grow taller or grow naturally. Another arborist came to look at it and said we’d have to wait to try to trim the branches touching the wires until it heals. We have also been trying to remove the stumps and roots of one of the 4 bushes they were supposed to remove, but are struggling as we don’t have the proper equipment. So we keep having to trim the new growth instead. I do not recommend this company.
Kevin McCaskill Avatar
Kevin McCaskill
There used to be a time when businesses run by Jr-Mafia types had honor. These folks show that that time is LONG past. Avoid!!!
This is Avatar
This is
great work!!
Douglas Mann Avatar
Douglas Mann
On time and with care. Answered all our questions.
rl design Avatar
rl design
Always happy with the service from North Eastern Tree, and the technicians are always pleasant and alert.
Kirk Woodward Avatar
Kirk Woodward
We used North Eastern Tree on two occasions when we needed them to fell big trees that grew too close the house, and for grinding the stumps. They did a good job, and their pricing was reasonable. Our neighbors used their services as well, and they were satisfied too. We gave North Eastern Tree only 4 stars because they could do better as far as scheduling goes.
Wavewalk Avatar
John Minor Avatar
John Minor
Dependable, thorough, neat and professional.
Jerome Levy Avatar
Jerome Levy
Jason DeMenezes Avatar
Jason DeMenezes
Good service protects property for all of us.
Darlene K Avatar
Darlene K
We hired Davey to address our olive tree. Davey, Jose,and his crew are the best available in Las Vegas. Very professional and worth every penny they charge. All people we worked with at Davey were top quality and very pleasant to work with!
Michael Gray Avatar
Michael Gray
scott Wilbur Avatar
scott Wilbur
Very satisfied with the services provided. Kept up to date of when workers will be coming out to spray by a very efficient office staff. Worker is very professional and efficient. Highly recommend this company
JoLo Z Avatar
JoLo Z
Lisandra Soares Avatar
Lisandra Soares
Keeping my yard beautiful..thank you!
Darlene K Avatar
Darlene K
As always, Davey Tree does a great job with my annual tree trimming. Ken Busse, their arborist, is knowledgeable and very helpful when deciding what needs to be done. Great job as always!
Janet Barbour Avatar
Janet Barbour
No ticks in my yard and we have less mosquitoes.
Momma Duck Avatar
Momma Duck
Karen Clarkson Avatar
Karen Clarkson
Anthony Fagundes Avatar
Anthony Fagundes
Made an appointment to come out to give an estimate on removal of a tree and cut back tree branches this was by far a small job . Said they would let me know what day the work would be done., never heard from them, a week had passed so i called again and talked with the guy who again said they would be there the following day , i texted to confirm without a reply back for that day Again never showed up. Confirming this company is a very unprofessional company has no respect for other people's time.
Tj D Avatar
Tj D
Robert Greenberg Avatar
Robert Greenberg
David Hardy Avatar
David Hardy
North Eastern Tree did a great job on our five acre property.I highly recommend them.
J Fasciana Avatar
J Fasciana
Mike Campfield Avatar
Mike Campfield
Heather Davis Avatar
Heather Davis
We have been using North Eastern for 9 months after using our landscaper for 25 years. Our lawn has never looked so lush, beautiful and dandelion free. It’s great to finally use trained, certified and knowledgeable professionals. Who knew it was a job landscapers shouldn’t do. We highly recommend you give Jeff and his trained professionals a call so that you also obtain lush, beautiful lawn.
anne romanello Avatar
anne romanello
Great service, skilled workers
Linda Dutra Avatar
Linda Dutra
These men were fantastic!! On time, efficient, pleasant, professional & cleaned up after themselves!!
kelly Halstead Avatar
kelly Halstead
They were scheduled to arrive this morning between 7:30 and 8:00. I took time out of work to meet them, when they didn’t arrive I called the office, I was told they are running a bit behind. At 10:00am I called again and was told they would arrive between 10:30 and 11:00. It is now 11:30 and I’m still waiting….
Bert Carabitses Avatar
Bert Carabitses
Paul Griswold Avatar
Paul Griswold
In the past, I was an Exterior Designer. Landscaping is an investment in time and money. But when selling a home, curb appeal gets potential buyers into the home. Davey Trees employees have been trained on how & when to trim & fertilize the trees & plants. A Landscaper is required to have a business license only...not a contractor's license and less insurance requirement limits. Twice, I have tried a cheap-untrained landscaper, who chopped my fortnight lily down like it was a grass, which it is not! It takes too long for the landscaping to recover from a bad-untrained landscaper. Davey Tree Expert's employees have studied their trade and are knowledgable. They protect my investment in my home...which starts with the landscaping curb appeal.
Rose D Avatar
Rose D
After a year they finished the job they started at my neighbor's...I allowed them to use my yard which they left a mess that took over a week to clean up, wasn't until I threatened to file a complaint with the Dept of Business Regulations, which holds their license did they clean up..They also damaged my fence, talked to Josh and the office which just blow you off...My neighbors on the other side of me had them show up to cut their tree, only problem they never hired them, she came home to find them cutting down her tree, she flipped out on them and sent them away...Josh is costing them more money then he's worth...Reputation means you never have to advertise, North East tree service keep advertising not worth the aggravation of hiring you
m podzon Avatar
m podzon
I had NE Tree remove a large tree from my backyard this summer, and I really regret hiring them. It took multiple calls and missed dates before they actually came to do the work. They broke a window, damaged my fence, damaged my neighbor's fence as well as damaging some shingles on my house. One of my other neighbors had to complain when they were grinding the stump, as they made no effort to shield what they were doing and all the houses around me were being pelted by wood chips; it sounded like my house was being strafed by a machine gun, for hours. I suspect there is additional damage from this that I simply haven't discovered yet. I called to inform them about all this and they were very apologetic, saying all the right things about making it right but never showing up. During the summer I called them multiple times, and for some reason they kept sending people out to look at the damage over and over, promising it would be taken care of in the next few days. This went on for three months, and had I not been withholding payment I doubt they would have ever taken care of it. They even tried to shift some of the work onto me. Unbelievable. Then there's the cost. The project started when a large branch fell during a storm, and they actually handled that part pretty well. The charge for that was $2,200. The tree was very old and the rest had to be removed, and for that they charged an additional $3,200, for a grand total of $5,400 for one tree. It was a large tree but easily accessed by removing a single section of fence, no other trees or wires around it. For reference I had a similar tree, not quite as large and in my front yard but complicated by power lines. I used a different, actually competent company for this, and they charged me $1,100. Do yourself a favor and avoid NE Tree like the plague.
Mike MacKenzie Avatar
Mike MacKenzie
The crew arrived at about 7:30 a m. And were done by 8:15. They did an excellent job cutting the branches that were touching our roof and they trimmed some branches that were hanging over our fence. They were excellent ensuring nothing was damaged and the clean up was great. Highly recommend. Joe Carnevale and I thank you.
donna murphy Avatar
donna murphy
I want to compliment the 3 men that came out to remove a large branch that fell on my trampoline during the last storm. They removed the large branch and took down the tree. This was not an easy removal. The tree was in the corner of 3 properties and 2 swimming pools. Its tough to get good hep and these 3 men were terrific.
Ed Reed Avatar
Ed Reed
You guys come to remove a tree from my neighbor and destroy my yard. Leave a huge mess so my kids and dogs can't use it. Move my planter. The damages will be take. Care of and made back to the original and I will continue to post relentlessly until I hear from much higher than a "supervisor " since that's who allowed to leave the message. We need to have a talk. Now.
Jose Rodriguez Avatar
Jose Rodriguez
Great work, reasonably priced. They tend to be busy, so plan ahead.
Ted Baldwin Avatar
Ted Baldwin
Talk about a crew that gets it done. These guys are workers and anyone can admire the ethic and skill they bring to the job site.
Helder Cabral Avatar
Helder Cabral
This company is horrible. Do not hire them and make sure your neighbors don’t as well. They took down a tree in our neighbor’s yard. It took them over a week to complete, and in the process destroyed a section of our lawn and almost damaged our white vinyl fence. When they finally came back to repair the damage they caused, which involved multiple phone calls, a very inadequate job was done. The technician literally stayed in his truck for 30 mins after only working on the property for 15 minutes. The section of grass still looks terrible. This is highly unacceptable. Stay far away from this company.
Christopher Clegg Avatar
Christopher Clegg
Peter Libutti Avatar
Peter Libutti
Dusty Dubois Avatar
Dusty Dubois
We had a huge tree that hung over our house that was super old and we were worried about it falling on our house, so we decided to have it removed. They gave us a great price. The day of the removal they arrived 15 minutes early which was great! Most of the cutting took up the entire day and once it was removed the guys actually had to leave because their truck literally could not handle any more tree. They came back the next day and with a machine loaded all the trunk into a truck. Obviously they don’t work weekends so we waited till Monday (which is perfectly fine and reasonable) and they came and ground out the stump. A great job was done , the entirety of it was removed and filled in you’d never know there used to be a tree. My only complaint would be the guy operating the grinder kept stopping to text. Idk but I think that’s a little dangerous and unprofessional. I know when I’m at work I don’t use my phone but whatever. Besides that everything was great. Most of the divots were filled in leaving little damage to our lawn. All debris were removed and cleaned. Thank you for the great job!
Nessa Ok Avatar
Nessa Ok
Mandy Floodman Avatar
Mandy Floodman
Customer service is very very good. We have used for tree service several times. Also for two years we had the mosquito and tick control. Always very satisfied.
Susan Dean Avatar
Susan Dean
Amelia Simas Avatar
Amelia Simas
Jay Avatar
Just had a huge tree taken down in my back yard, there were 4 guys. One was cris,crisp, they did an amazing job!!! From cutting tree up to clean up!! Very efficient and very hard working!.Will definitely use again!!
Susan Giannini Avatar
Susan Giannini
The team went above and beyond and made sure everything was completed to my satisfaction. Requested additional services while they were onsite and for a small fee they accommodated. Have used many tree service companies, and these guys are the best.
Gregory Pearson Avatar
Gregory Pearson
Job well done and all the guys were very helpful and friendly
roger adolphe Avatar
roger adolphe
Em K Avatar
Em K
Had a few trees cut down, they were quick and efficient. During the process, some freshly installed siding was damaged. They took care of the repairs promptly. I had another issue, which the owner came out to resolve himself. This level of service was exactly what I was looking for, a rarity in today's world.
B P Avatar
I am no stranger to tree issues. North Eastern Tree Services stood out from the start. The crew also seamlessly orchestrated parking in a tight groove. This was very impressive for a kid who learned how to drive in The Bronx. They introduced themselves, made sure they got our names, and were patient about my relative's odd yard layout. Once gates were open, they examined everything and were totally clear on the project aims, stages, and cuttings. Their work respected the shape and structure of the tree. They commented on its health. The yard was cleaned and cleared perfectly. In fact, they cleaned debris and even dust from the neighbors' yards and porches. Consideration to an extreme in all interactions. I have not seen this level of care, concern and cleanliness from a provider in a long time. Tree services can be very focused on the tree work. This was the total package. 100%. In closing, it was a huge plus that the crews were warm and friendly. The level of respect was worthy of note in etiquette books!
Brian Brandt Avatar
Brian Brandt
Ashley Lasater Avatar
Ashley Lasater
Was almost run off the highway by one of their company vehicles multiple times on 12/22/21. The plate number was 104651 I believe. It was a red pick up truck. I’ve used northeasterns service before but I will not be a returning customer after what happened today.
Cole Cordeiro Avatar
Cole Cordeiro
Robert Ferreira Avatar
Robert Ferreira
Excellent company. Have about a dozen tress that need pruning / cut back every few years and had used another local company. I was referred to Davey Tree and all was great. Fast response, cost 2/3's less than prior company, and all was done professional and clean. Somewhat disappointed in myself for not contacting them years prior. They even addressed a bore issue in one of my trees the other company did not even mention. Recommend highly.
MCG Avatar
Edgar was extremely nice in person sand seemed reliable. We established a price and start date. He did not show up and has not responded. Seems like other people are having similar issues. I was excited to have Edgar work for us but cannot trust him. At least respond to your potential clients. Unprofessional..
Trenton Ross Avatar
Trenton Ross
NOT RECOMMENDED!! DO NOT TRUST THEM This company did my neighbor's tree and I have an identical tree 10' away, 2 days later I called Edgar and asked for a quote but he insisted on looking at it in person again. I repeated it is same as my neighbors but he insisted he has to see in person...again so he set an appointment the next day at 2:00pm. The next day at 2 he was nowhere to be found so at 2:30pm I called but it went to voice mail, so I text. An hour later I called & text again, no response. An hour later I tried again, left voice messages text never replied. He left me waiting for him for 3 hours. I waited a week then called and text again, no answer or response. Another week passed and tried one more time, no answer so I left him a Yelp review, within 5 minutes he text me and asked why I left a bad review. I told he because he never showed up, called or text me. He told me he wasn't allowed to do work in our HOA, after explaining to him I had no HOA he said he would comer over to look at it. A few hours later he showed up. He gave me a price of $250.00 to trim our palm, I agreed but he said he couldn't do it until May 2nd. I said no problem. On May 2nd, once again he never showed up. I called & text, once again he ignored me and never replied. I tried a few times. We decided to wait a few days to give him the benefit of the doubt but no response. Edgar, at least have the decency to cancel an appointment, instead he left us waiting for hours and never showed, called or text me. Use caution when dealing with this company as they are FLAKES!
George Aguilar Avatar
George Aguilar
Edgar looked at my small backyard for the work I wanted done, he didn't even have a pencil or paper with him. He said I'd have his quote that afternoon. Well he didn't send it but I gave him a couple more days then called him. He said he has the quote right there just give him an hour to send it to me. That was 4 days ago!!! I have not heard from him. That is not good to treat prospective clients like that unless he doesn't need the business.
Marilynn Babcock Avatar
Marilynn Babcock
J Gama Vargas Avatar
J Gama Vargas
Davey Tree is our number one choice to trim, remove, clean up, whatever we need for our trees they are the one. We have been using them for years after trying out many others. Davey Tree does exactly what we want, they know trees, they know how to trim perfectly. Perfect, perfect
Maria Arango Diener Avatar
Maria Arango Diener
We had our umbrella tree removed and stump ground.. From the original contact person to the team who took down the tree and cleaned up were friendly and professional at every step. Great value for peace of mind. Very happy real customer.
Stella Swor Avatar
Stella Swor
Jerry Shaner Avatar
Jerry Shaner
They did deep root fertilizing for us. One week later I can already see the effects of the fertilization. Great company, knowledgable employees. Highly recommend them.
Hal Falter Avatar
Hal Falter
Checking the health of my tree
Gerald Roseborough Avatar
Gerald Roseborough
Great tree service.
Oliver Miller Avatar
Oliver Miller
They were quick and friendly. And were able to get the job done right away, unlike many of the other companies. I'm very appreciative.
Jeanette Mealey Avatar
Jeanette Mealey
Davey did a great job from Start to finish. I have a second home in Las Vegas, NV and I live in Chicago, IL. I had a palm tree that was growing to large and pushing the wall of my neighbor. I had them try to give me several options to save the tree, but in the end, with the destruction that had already occurred on the wall the Palm Tree had to come down. Very sad, but they gave me the quote and the time, to remove the tree and remove the root. They did a great job, on time, showed me before and after pictures, texted to me, went very well, and I was in Chicago during the operation. Great team effort from initial contact to quote to removal, was in full knowledge what was going on. The price was competitive. So very happy in a situation that my neighbor was demanding action, and everything was done professionally. Thank you.
Robert Landgren Avatar
Robert Landgren
I had 3 trees in need of help. They were able to help provide a solution for each that was quick, easy, affordable and would keep the HOA off my back! Yay!
Hey Now Holly Avatar
Hey Now Holly
There are a lot of great companies out there, but there is only one Davey's. I trust them with all my yard's needs.
Tom LaBelle Avatar
Tom LaBelle
Lester Morales Avatar
Lester Morales
I had 3 very overgrown Mesquite trees. The two men came on time with the right equipment. Took care and asked me at various stages if I wanted more taken off. Very accommodating. Cleaned up mess after. They are more expensive than others but do a good job.
Esther Weinstein Avatar
Esther Weinstein
Daniel Petrella Avatar
Daniel Petrella
From start to finish to touch-up, the entire experience was painless!! We were referred by a satisfied neighbor and we were not disappointed. Our palm trees were in dire need of trimming and clean up. We were ready to try a new tree service so we reached out to DAVEY and we were instantly put in contact with Eric for an evaluation and estimate appointment. It's been a long time since I've experienced such polite professionalism of this level. He followed through with everything exactly as outlined and the crew who showed up to do the work were equally skilled and professional. It actually turned out to be a pleasant experience and our trees look great. There was one tiny detail that needed extra attention and I didn't even have to call the office because Eric called us to follow up on our satisfaction. They came out the very next day and fine tuned a slight detail that we couldn't see on the windy day before. Excellent in every regard from start to finish.
Sharon Polk Avatar
Sharon Polk
Eleanor K Van Buren Avatar
Eleanor K Van Buren
100% recommend! I had the pleasure of working with Eric during my consultation. He was kind, courteous, and knowledgeable. The crew came out this morning exactly when Eric said they would, finished quicker than expected, and left my property cleaner than when they arrived. I'm looking forward to working with them again in the future.
Jen L. Avatar
Jen L.
Rockko maziato Avatar
Rockko maziato
The Davey staff and crew were courteous, professional and gave my overgrown trees new life. They handled everything safe and had great regard for my house and belongings as well as the neighbors property around me. They were fantastic and I will use them again!
Gwen Gierhart Avatar
Gwen Gierhart
Karen Esposito Avatar
Karen Esposito
Ms. Santa Varbaro Avatar
Ms. Santa Varbaro
This company sprays my trees with an organic compound and I have no beetles or ticks and much fewer mosquitos. I remember I thought I might not need this and I skipped a year and boy did I pay for it with so many bugs on my property. This is a great service well worth the money.
Suffern Host Avatar
Suffern Host
Great company. Very professional and reliable. We use them to tick spraying, but they do a whole lot more.
Steph Goog Avatar
Steph Goog
I used them to spray to get rid of my boxwood blight and scale on my pachysandra . They are very knowledgeable regarding different diseases on my plants. Very prompt and courteous and Santa in the office is very efficient and organized. I would recommend them to anyone!
Carole Brown Avatar
Carole Brown
North Eastern always takes great care of my trees and shrubs, keeping them disease and pest free, and great looking all year-round.
Alan Berner Avatar
Alan Berner
I use this company for lawn care feeding seeding aeration. I am very pleased with the care they take of my lawn and the promptness of the service. My lawn has never looked better amd the plants they use their sea kelp on look terrific. Most of my shrubs have been growing quickly. They like the food. It’s a great help to have the lawn aerated and seeded every fall so I crowd out the weeds with grass.
J H Avatar
The service is environmentally friendly and really works! Very few bugs invade our BBQ and the trees show no signs of being eaten!
Noah Sack Avatar
Noah Sack
Ruben RAMirez Avatar
Ruben RAMirez
Protect your family early from Tick and Mosquitos with our Program, have a healthier Lawn with our 7 step program .. We have the most experience workers, very knowledgeable .. highly recommended .... Tim, Russell and Brent
Ms. Santa Varbaro Avatar
Ms. Santa Varbaro
Contacted this company after a tree had uprooted and took part of my fence with it. The tree didn’t completely uproot and was hanging over my deck. A gentlemen came out within the hour and quoted us $2000 for the tree. In my mind I just figured they would take the whole tree, hence why the quote was so high. I guess that’s my mistake for assuming, but you’d think they would mention that. Tree service guys came within the hour and started cutting the tree using the lift. They stopped the job half way through to run to another job. Yard looked like a mess for days until the next time they returned. They “finished” the job leaving the uproot and the stump. We have been trying to talk to someone for weeks because they gave us false hope in the beginning saying that they would come back for it. Overall the business is very unprofessional, there are a lot of tree services out there next time I will look elsewhere.
joe corsi Avatar
joe corsi
The place stinks..I feel bad for the neighborhood that has to live with that stench all summer!!
cool Kids Avatar
cool Kids
Carrie Cuscia Avatar
Carrie Cuscia
Rude and horrible, not professional at all. Report these people.
Jake Avatar
Bad service
Peter Ep Avatar
Peter Ep
Horrible customer service, very rude, the man was not nice at all.
DragonSmith Avatar

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