How to Pick the Right Shrub for Your Yard

How to Pick the Right Shrub for Your Yard

Whether you own a house with a full front and back yard or a commercial business with a need for proper landscaping, it is important to have the right amount of green foliage, garden plants, flowers, and landscaping shrubs. From lilac shrubs to drought-tolerant shrubs, you need to choose shrubs that fit the area as well as your personal or professional aesthetic.

Choosing shrubs may not be something that most people spend a great deal of time thinking about, but when the aesthetic of their landscaping is of concern, the shrubbery decisions become very important. They need to complement the other greenery currently in your yard and continue to create the most attractive landscape design possible.

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At North Eastern Tree, Shrub, & Lawn Care, our ISA-certified arborists can help you find the ideal plant, shrubs, foundation plantings, and trees for your landscaping. Whether you own a residential or commercial property, we can assist you in choosing what type of shrubs and the best plants work well in your yard.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Landscaping Shrubs

There are various factors to consider when choosing the proper landscaping shrubs for your residential or commercial properties. The lawn and shrub care experts at North-Eastern Tree, Shrub, & Lawn Care in Scarsdale, NY, are dedicated to helping residents and business owners find the perfect shrubs for their yards and landscaping.

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Our team knows that shrubs need to complement the greenery and flowers (like perennials or rose bushes) and be low maintenance if the client does not have enough time to prune and care for complicated plant selections. When selecting shrubs, allow a master gardener to determine what is best for your land.

Location, Location, Location

It is common knowledge and fairly obvious to state, but you should remember that small shrubs usually grow into much larger shrubs. That means you need to take into account their mature size. You cannot limit the space that an adult shrub will take up to the size of the hole in the ground when it is young. Take measurements of the area you have available for the shrub and purchase accordingly.

Likewise, consider what landscaping area you would like to have this shrub. Is this something you will be using to block the neighbor’s view of your yard (be sure you will not be crossing property lines) or a lovely shrub that you want to look at from the kitchen window? That will help you determine what type of shrubbery to buy.

Types of Shrubs that Are Available

Shrubs come in all shapes, sizes, and types. If you are not aware of the wide variety of shrubs you may find at your local nursery, it is wise to take a look. The type of shrub you choose will also depend on its hardiness zone and ability to tolerate drought or hot weather.

Deciduous Shrubs

If you are looking for shrubs that are only of seasonal interest, you may want to invest in deciduous shrubs. They lose their foliage colors during the winter months and regain them in early spring and early summer. Witch hazel is a common deciduous plant.

Evergreen Shrubs like Boxwood Shrubs

On the other hand, evergreen shrubs keep their foliage through most of the year and remain functional. They can have fall foliage and add winter interest to your garden. A common example is a boxwood shrub.

Remember, Smaller Shrubs Grow into Tall Shrubs

As we mentioned before, the shrub’s size will not be obvious when you first buy and plant it. Small shrubs will get larger as they become mature. Take that into account and reserve enough ground cover for that expansion.

Interference with Other Plants and Spring Flowers

The bigger your shrub becomes, the more vast and wide-reaching its roots will be. With that in mind, be sure that other plants and flowers will not get interference from your shrubbery. You also want to make sure it gets full sun without blocking the other plants, and you may need to do extra watering if your landscape design produces clusters of plants and shrubs.

Soil and Sun Are Critical

Not all shrubs are alike in their needs for moist or well-drained soil. Before you decide to plant particular shrubs, make sure your garden or yard has the right ground to help them grow.

Additionally, the growing conditions for certain shrubs are different than others. Some will need full sun to produce red berries, while others prefer light shade to stay healthy and vibrant.

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Why Are You Planting the Shrub?

Determine why you are planting certain shrubs in the locations that you have chosen. Is it meant to be a focal point of your landscape design? If so, the rest of your plants and trees will need to complement that design. Our team at North Eastern Tree, Shrub, & Lawn Care in Scarsdale, NY, can help you with these design elements and ensure you pick the right shrubbery for the job you need it to do.

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When homeowners or business owners need landscaping advice in Scarsdale, NY, the best name to turn to in the area is North-Eastern Tree, Shrub, & Lawn Care. We have a team of ISA-certified arborists who understand the needs of a wide variety of plant life and are ready to help you transform your landscaping with great shrubbery.

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Contact us today to learn more about landscape design with shrubs and our professional shrub care program. We are committed to helping you keep your landscape looking stunning throughout the whole year in New York. To learn more about organic shrub care or schedule an appointment with our arborist, give us a call!

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