Top 10 Tips to Keep Your Trees Healthy

Top 10 Tips to Keep Your Trees Healthy

Our landscape is incomplete without trees. The values that matured trees add to our environment cannot be overemphasized.

They protect our properties from erosion, add more real estate value to your property, beautify the environment, protect us from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, and provide a habitat for beautiful birds and other animals.

Furthermore, they also reduce air pollution and give us quality air to breathe in. 

Tree Health

Matured trees are often not properly catered for since they do not require much care and attention to do well at later stages. Making sure that this plant is the best it can be, it is important to cater to them while they are growing.

This way, they can mature without significant issues. Remember that human effort keeps these plants in good shape and gives them great looks for landscaping purposes.

The right activity is applicable all year round when it comes to trees.

Below are 10 tips to keep your tree healthy all year round.

Plant the Right Tree In The Right Place

Before planting a tree or deciding which tree to plant, you have to conduct research and answer some compelling questions. Some of the questions are: 

  • What type of tree is suitable for the soil?
  • Is my climate good for the tree I am about to plant?
  • Should I plant close to my house or meters away?

The answer to the above questions would help you make critical decisions regarding your emerald tree or other types of trees in your area.

Tree Health

It is a great idea to see if you should plant a certain species and where to plant it in your area.

The simple truth is that plants generally do well when the climate is favorable to their growth, and the soil has the nutrients it needs to grow. 

Choosing a plant that can adapt to your climate is planting the right tree; it saves you from the stress of caring for trees that cannot stand the test of time.

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Water the Tree in Dry Seasons 

Apart from sunlight and soil nutrients, water is one of the essential elements that plants need to grow. Trees, like every other plant, require moisture to grow. In their growing stage, trees need frequent watering to develop.

The dry season is known for its dryness and high evaporation. There is a need for proper irrigation in the dry season to get enough water to the root area deep inside the soil.

If you are looking for help from local tree services, or need a free estimate on your Jersey tree, reach out to our certified arborists at North Eastern Tree Care today.

Maintain Healthy Soil Around the Tree

Maintaining healthy soil around the tree is important for keeping a healthy tree. The soil around the tree determines how healthy the tree will grow. 

Tree Health

When the soil around the tree is not healthy enough for the tree, the tree finds it difficult to establish a root deep into the soil, and eventually, it will not survive.

If the soil is not healthy enough, you can add up to a 3inch layer of compost to improve the soil.

Apply Fertilizer When Needed

There are times when trees are planted on soil not rich in potassium and phosphorus. Plants grown on this type of soil will need fertilizers to make up for the deficiencies in the soil.

In the early stages of the tree, improper fertilizer application can damage the tree or cause it to grow unpleasantly.

Before fertilizer is applied, it is essential to consult professionals to perform a soil test and advise on which fertilizer to use and how to use it.

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Tree Care


Mulches serve two purposes in plants; the first one is to reduce the rate at which the soil loses its moisture content and the second reason you need to mulch is to improve the fertility of the soil.

Mulching can be as temporary as tree barks, animal compost, dead leaves, shrubs, or a more permanent method involving plastic sheeting. 

It is important to know how and when to mulch a plant. If it is not properly done, it can hurt the plant’s growth.

Our professional service will certainly ensure that we account for mulch and conduct general lawn care.


Pruning a plant helps keep the tree healthy and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Experts realize that pruning involves trimming and removing dead or diseased branches from a tree.

When pruning, infected branches are cut out to prevent the spread of the infection to other parts of the tree. You should avoid taking care to avoid damage to vital parts of the tree when pruning.

Tree Pruning

Whether you have a huge branch or need general tree trimming, remember that our tree care services are there.

Protect the Roots

The root is a vital part of the plant, and you should protect it. They should not move heavy equipment around the areas where the tree’s root is as it can cause the soil to be compact, making the root lose oxygen and eventually die.

Also, you should not excavate under the tree to avoid damaging the tree’s roots.

Avoid Bumping into Trees

Bumping into trees can weaken the stem or trunk of a tree. Keeping the tree strong upright, you should take care around the tree.

Avoid bumping into the tree with mowers or cars as it can cause damage to the tree. If possible, you can create some form of barrier around the tree to protect the tree.

Control Pests

Insect pests like weevils and caterpillars can destroy or transfer disease through the plant. If not properly controlled, pests can cause damage to the tree or eventually kill the plant.

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Book a checkup with an arborist if you notice anything wrong with your tree. They are professionally trained to offer assistance to you when the need arises. 

Tree Health

Our team at Northeastern Tree Care is sure to do a phenomenal job whether you have large trees or have several trees that require care.

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