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When done correctly, tree trimming can significantly improve your tree’s overall health and appearance. Proper pruning enhances canopy structure, reduces risks, and prolongs the tree’s life.  At North Eastern Tree, Shrub & Lawn Care, we have over 20 years of experience providing top-quality tree trimming services to homeowners throughout Greenwich, Connecticut, and surrounding areas. You can count on us for all your tree care needs.

The Importance of Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is a science that requires knowledge of tree biology and an understanding of how each species grows and develops. Improper pruning can lead to lasting damage, which is why our expert arborists are here to assist you. Our pruning methods include:

  • Prune to clean: Removing dead, diseased, and broken branches to promote tree health.
  • Prune to thin: Selective pruning to reduce branch density and improve canopy structure.
  • Prune to raise: Pruning for vertical clearance, ensuring safety around structures and pathways.
  • Prune to reduce: Decreasing height and spread to manage tree size and shape.

The Best Time for Tree Maintenance

While some pruning can be done year-round, the dormant season, just before the spring growth push, is generally the most favorable time for tree trimming. Winter pruning maximizes new growth and promotes faster wound closure, leading to healthier trees in the following seasons.

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