What to Do If Tree Falls on House: Steps to Follow

If you are searching for “what to do if tree falls on house,” then time is of the essence. Prompt action could prevent further damage, but where should a homeowner start? The tree experts at Darien’s premier tree service company discuss essential steps below, including how preparation can go a long way toward quick action in an emergency.

Six Steps to Take If a Tree Falls on Your House

Trees offer so many benefits, from increasing property values to improving air quality. However, high winds, heavy rain, lightning, and diseases may mean that these beautiful trees sustain damage or fall onto a house or building nearby. These incidents may result in extensive damage, but there are six important steps that can help:

Step 1: Evacuate the Home

The first priority should be safety. When a tree falls on the house, the first step is always to evacuate the home’s residents to a safer location. It helps to have an evacuation plan in place, ensuring your family knows the best exit routes and meet-up points.

It may also be helpful to keep emergency bags packed with essential items like a first aid kit.

Step 2: Call 911

After the family is out of the house, the homeowners should place a call to the local emergency services. Inform the service about the situation, notifying them about injuries or fatalities. Be sure to let them know if there is a threat to traffic or pedestrians or if the accident has interfered with utilities or power lines in the neighborhood.

Step 3: Speak to Your Insurance Company

Reach out to the insurance company as early as possible, informing them about the situation and damage involved. There are various homeowners insurance policies that could change how a company approaches a claim, so be sure to read the fine print.

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover the Cost of the Tree Damage?

Claims may depend on what caused the tree to fall and where the tree fell. If a fire, wind, an explosion, or vandalism was the reason for the tree falling, the insurance would probably cover the damage and tree removal costs. Coverage limits vary, and a standard policy will not typically cover the cost of damages if there is an earthquake or a flood; a homeowner will likely need extra coverage for disasters.

Step 4: Ask a Tree Service Company About What to Do If Tree Falls on House

Do not try to remove the tree—always call in professionals like North Eastern Tree, Shrub, & Lawn Care for assistance. Even a small tree could expose the property and its residents to unnecessary risks, but a professional tree service company will know what to do. They can remove the tree safely without causing further damage to the home or risking injuries, electrocution, or other dangers.

Step 5: Secure the Home Before Leaving

When the damage to your home is severe, living in the house may be impossible for a time. If the family needs to leave to a safer or more sheltered location, the homeowner should secure the house before leaving. It is also important to take photos of all affected areas and belongings to make filing a claim simpler.

Step 6: Contact a Roofing Contractor for a Quote

Fallen trees often require the services of a roofing contractor for repairs. We recommend choosing a local service ahead of time to avoid the frantic search while handling an emergency.

All the Tree Care You Need

The six crucial steps above could save a lot of time and money if a tree happens to fall on your house, but proactive steps for sick or damaged trees may prevent this situation altogether. Learn how to pick the right shrub for your yard here, or call our team for advice on your trees.

Why not ask North Eastern Tree, Shrub, & Lawn Care about our tree care services? Call (888) 439-8733 today for more about “what to do if tree falls on house” and other handy solutions.

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