Deer: Repellent Treatment

Deer are a common problem for many homeowners. The adult deer consumes about six pounds of plant material daily and they browse a wide range of plantings, ornamental gardens, shrubs, flowers, vegetables and fruit trees just to name just a few. Deer also carry ticks.

Deer are creatures of habit that will establish themselves in your landscape. It’s therefore essential to have a strategy that will make your trees, shrubs and plantings unappealing and ultimately keep deer away. The photo show the destruction deers can have on your landscape. This is called Deer Browse, typical to see a plant devoured up to deer head height.  That’s why we use deer repellent!.

The most practical approach is to have your North Eastern Tree Care arborist inspect your property and recommend a program that uses several different repellents based on the specific time of year and solutions best suited for your property.


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